Amy Glass
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Amazing! I don't go quite as often as I'd like because the drive is far for me to go downtown at the times available (during work hours and I live on the far side of Eagle basically in Star), but Mai is amazing! I've tried so many places, and they just don't ever quite get it right. Not the right pressure, talk too much, terrible music playing, place looks dingy, etc... It's always something. But Mai has great knowledge of the body, will make the massage feel great while also being productive and working on the problems that are maybe causing tightness or pain, so it's always a really productive session! It's also a great atmosphere and fair pricing! I'd highly recommend.
Andrew Myers
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Nina was great at tailoring the massage to the needs we discussed beforehand. She has a ton of experience and mentioned that deep tissue is one of her specialties. I usually view massage as a utility to recover from injury or training, but this was a great balance between relaxation and productive deep tissue work. I had very tight muscles and it was both brutal and relieving! (Exactly what I wanted in deep tissue)
Josh Kuntz
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This is my "go-to" place for reliably excellent massage. Mai, Krista and Claire each have slightly different styles but all of them are excellent. The reservation system is simple, the location is easy to find and parking is a breeze and the place is always clean and welcoming. If you are looking for top-notch bodywork, Bodyology is definitely worth a try.